Thanks for stopping by. A site like this has been my dream for as many years as I can remember. So I made it and then realized it means nothing without visitors adding their own flavor as well. So, free foot video clips, free pictures, a free daily shoeplay picture, a survey and a message board were added.

For those that may be new or are unaware of the terminology that has evolved since 1998, please look at the pics to the left. The first picture is of dangling. This happens when the shoe is "adjusted" to hang from the toes. There are some small variations of this term such as "full dangle" and "partial dangle" etc. but the main idea remains the same.


The picture immediately to the left is what has become known as "dipping" This can be seen virtually everywhere on a daily basis and can be done with many types of shoes and consists of a multitude of moves. The lady may slowly slip her foot out of the shoe or she may allow the shoe to drop to the floor. She may then proceed to rub her calf with her foot, flex her toes on the ground or place her toes on the edge of the heelcup and perform a "pivoting" action where the shoe is spun in circles.

The possibilites are many. While all shoeplay activity may be done for flirtacious reasons, dipping (and particularly in high heels) is most probably done so as to temporarily provide relief from discomfort created by restrictive or painful footwear.

This picture depicts what has come to be known as heelpopping. Heelpopping occurs when the toes and/or ball of the foot is firmly planted on the ground or an object and the heel of the foot is raised so as to "pop" free of the heelcup. Depending upon the situation this is usually a precursor or suggestion that dipping may follow. In the case of this particular photo if she had wrapped her feet at the ankles some may have called it "under-chair-dipping" Lastly, "shoeplay" has emerged as an all-encompassing term. In other words, dangling, dipping heelpopping and under-chair-dipping may generally be referred to as shoeplay.

Thank you again for your visit. This site has grown tremendously since its shaky start in 1998. I know it would not have been around for such a long period without your support. And, I think you have realized that your support is largely put back into the site for improvement.