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Posted by Feeture Features on April 02, 2001 at 10:33:48:

The following are some of the best movies with foot scenes that I have seen.
Light My Passion - I have not actually seen this but it is a Spanish movie about a guy with a foot fetish and his wife
doesn't find out until the honeymoon.

Venus in Furs (NOT the European film but a cheap American exploitation film of about 1969) - Starts with stockings being dropped on guy's face and lots of foot fetish related scenes.

And God Created Woman (1956) - Brigitte Bardot shoeless much of movie

The Avengers: Escape in Time episode - Diana Rigg barefoot in stocks

Bad Boys (1995) - Tea Leoni barefoot

Ball of Fire - Barbara Stanwyck removes stockings and has Gary Coper feel her cold wet foot

The Beguiled - Clint Eastwood as wounded Yankee soldier with barefoot women and girls in Southern academy

Bejewelled - Emma Samms stands on a guy's shoulders in stocking feet

Bell, Book and Candle - Kim Novak is a shoe hating barefoot witch

The Butcher's Wife - Demi Moore barefoot most of the movie

Butterflies Are Free - Goldie Hawn dusty bare feet

Carmen (1984) - Bare feet rubbing a hairy chest

Come September - Gina Lollobrigida's bare foot pulls down Rock Hudson's sock

Diamonds for Breakfast - Marcello Mastroianni purrs while a bare foot rubs his neck after a karate demonstration

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932) - Whore removes her shoes and stockings and dangles bare leg outside the bed covers. Be sure it is Fredric March version you see

Dr. Who: Stones of Blood Episode - Really close close-up of bare feet gripping a crumbling cliff edge

El Mariachi - Bare feet open a guitar case

Fastest Guitar in the West - Stockinged feet strum a guitar as woman makes out

Extremities - Farrah Fawcett barefoot

A Farewell to Arms (1932) - Helen Hayes barefoot in air raid, Gary Cooper studies bar girl's feet while explaining architecture

Flashdance - Jennifer Beals stockinged fot in guy's crotch

Flower Drum Song - Nancy Kwan flexing bare soles (this may only be seen really good in letterbox version)

The Funeral - Japanese movie with all ages and types of feet

Getting It Right - Helena Bonham Carter filthy bare soles

It Should Happen to You - Judy Holliday slips off shoes whenever she has to think hard

Kissin' Cousins - Barefoot hillbilly girls and Elvis

The Little Hut - Ava Gardner barefoot on a desert island

Lolita - Sue Lyon gets her toes painted

Love Crazy (1941) - Ex-wife steps all over ex-husband's head as she escapes stuck elevator

Lovers (1991) - Spanish movie with close up of full footed stockings at end as she gets murdered on park bench in snow

Madame Sousatzka - Twiggy's filthy soles

Making Mr. Right - Robot rubs stockinged feet against his chin, bare feet while driving

Man from UNCLE: The Bat Cave Affair episode - Hillbilly girl always displaying stockinged feet in close up

Married to the Mob - Michelle Pfeiffer gets feet rubbed

Arabesque - Sophia Loren has a thug for a boyfriend and he loves her feet

Neptune's Daughter - Red Skelton gets slapped by many soiled feet in water ballet rehearsal

New Fist of Fury - Japanese amazon in barefoot martial arts battle

Burning Ambition - Hong Kong movie in which 2 sisters have to fight in stocking feet when ambushed at Japanese restaurant. They fight on broken glass from windshields in parking garage.
One lays down so her father and sister can walk over her on the broken glass and escape assassins.

Off and Running - Cyndi Lauper barefoot

Outer Limits: The Bellero Shield episode - Closeups of maid's bare feet for no reason

The Palm Beach Story - Claudette Colbert steps all over Rudy Vallee's face as she climbs barefoot into
upper berth on train. She breaks his pince-nez and later he says he enjoyed it.

The Saint: Queen's Ransom episode - Great stocking feet rubbing by Roger Moore and ex-hooker Queen

See No Evil (aka Blind Terror) - Mia Farrow blind and barefoot walking on floor with broken glass

Start the Revolution Without Me - Queen of France kicks the King as she makes love to another man

The Stranger on the Third Floor (1940) - Lodger evicted on the spot when landlady catches him rubbing the wet stocking feet of his girlfriend

The Tall Men - Jane Russell is always taking off her shoes and talking about it and how she likes her feet rubbed

Tobacco Road - Filthy feet of hillbilly

Twilight of the Cockroaches - Japanese feet and bug stomping

Ulysses (1967) - James Joyce, not Homer. Guy sleeps with wife's feet in his face

Up Close & Peresonal - Nice closeup of Michelle Pfeiffer dangling

The War of the Roses - Danny DeVito attacks date's feet with knife and fork under table

The Way West - Sally Field debut as barefoot nymphet

What's Up Tiger Lily? - Close up of foot slipping out of pump, feet in guy's face in bed

Wilder Napalm - Debra Winger as arsonist under house arrest with ankle bracelet and barefoot

I have hundreds more if interest expressed in having them posted.

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