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Posted by footsie on December 16, 2000 at 03:36:57:

In Reply to: Smelly mature lady feet (True Story) posted by ReinforcedToeGuy on November 26, 2000 at 18:32:49:

:just image if she was wearing them for more than a week a month or even 6 months just image if she worn them for more than a week a month or even a year without even washing her stockinged feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to tell you about my luckiest day ever. I was riding train to somewhere and waiting at the station. My whole mind was occupied
: with seeing a pantyhose clad legs. Unfortunately it was one of the hot summer days, and I was not lucky enough to see so many pantyhose clad
: legs like we see in the spring or fall. Anyway I did not lose my hope, and continued my search. After all of my search, I saw a woman around 50
: years-old at the other site of the station. She was wearing below the knee skirt and pantyhose colored between tan and nude. -I am not good at
: colors-. She looked like a professor or teacher. After waiting ten minutes, the boarding gate number was announced. I waited her to walk to
: gate so I can follow her. She ran to the gate, so did I. I was just behind her following. All I wanted to see pantyhose legs throughout my
: journey and make my trip enjoyable. We went down the platforms. I do not think she noticed me following her. She walked to the first compartments of the train. I
: followed her like an obedient dog. At the end she chose a seat, and I sit down just across her seat and one behind. So I have a clear view of
: her legs and she could not be able to see me. When she sit down, her skirt went up a little bit but not much revealing her pantyhose clad legs. I
: was a little bit disappointed but took a look at her legs once in a while. Half an hour passed and nothing happened, and people began to leave
: the train. She was sitting alone in the big chair and reading a book. All of a sudden, she took off her shoes. Oh my god, she was wearing a
: reinforced toe pantyhose and She began wiggling her toes up and down. She was sitting cross-legged and her reinforced toe was pointing to
: my side. I got an immediate erection, I couldn`t help it. She constantly wiggled her reinforced toes, that drove me crazy. I just wanted to kneel
: in front of her and beg her to smell and lick her sexy soaking wet from being kept in pumps reinforced toes. I was so aroused that I couldn`t
: even breathe. I didn`t even look anywhere else except the mesmerizing wiggling motion of tan colored reinforced toes of this mature lady.
: Normally I am a shy guy but I didn`t want to miss this lifetime opportunity of seeing this beautiful ladys` reinforced toes. I didn`t care whether
: she caught me gazing her feet or not. From my seat, I felt I can smell her reinforced toes. As if she was doing this on purpose, as if she
: knows I am a reinforced toe lover. She teased me by wiggling her toes for 15 minutes. I just kept myself from cumming into my pants. Then
: she left. I cannot believe how much power a reinforced feet has on me. A woman who is not so beautiful, even old, can make me beg to smell
: and lick her sweaty nylon clad feet. While she was wiggling her toes, I could have done whatever she wanted in order to smell and lick her
: feet. I have to admit, I was her feet slave. Do you have a better word to describe it? Even she humiliates me in front of everyone, I don`t care
: as long as she lets me smell her reinforced toe

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