Shoeplay/Footsies Caught On Tape

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Posted by Hooka'h Priest on June 24, 2000 at 16:29:50:

I too capture foot action on tape. Here are a few random scenes:

The Jamie Foxx Show (WB)- Around the second season I believe. It had the original mother from Fresh Prince, Janet Hubert, portray an acting coach or something. Anyway, Jamie, her and Jamie's aunt and uncle go out to a restaurant for breakfast. The table is in plain view and the table cloth is very short. You see Foxx and Hubert begin the footsies scene but she's still in her heels. A few moments later, her foot moves towards the seat and it seems that the scene is over. WRONG!!! You can catch a quick glance of her undoing the strap from her heels and dropping the shoe to the floor. She is seen to be wearing nude hose that match her skin complexion. She then gets more agressive with the footsies game under the table and the camera doesn't leave it for the next 4-5 minutes. Be sure to catch it if a local affiliate decides to start showing it in syndication.

QVC: a few years ago, I'd say around 1998, Pat James Demetri was demonstrating this product on the QVC Morning Show that prevented shoeleaces from becoming untied or needing to be retied. I think it's called Bungeez or something. Anyway, PJD is wearing some all-white sneakers with the device on them and also some sheer black nylons and whenever she could find the moment to shall we say, 'test the product', she would push on the back of the sneakers with her foot and keep slipping in and out of the sneakers. She even played with them on the ground in some cases. Lasted a good 7 minutes though it was longer (i didn't record in time).

HSN: Once, I saw one of their anniversery blowout specials and it had Atonia Pettiford as the host and one of the African-American models (Nikki, I believe her name is). Well, Atonia didn't do any sort of shoeplay at all though she had on opentoed mules with a thick heel. The star of the show was Nikki. The camera angle was always focused on her and sometimes it'd catch her almost dangle (for you info, she had on a brown pants suit, matching low heeled dress shoes, and a deep brown colored hose). It was 3 am and you could tell she was tiring and uncomfortable and in one scene she really gets restless, constantly rotating her ankle (camera's right on it). Just then, it happens... The shoe pops off of her heel, but unfortunately the overall scene lasts only half a second if even that long but the rest of the show was worth that little bit.

I'll add more as I find anything...

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