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Posted by Lavos on April 20, 2000 at 23:33:02:

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Okay, here are some of the television scenes that stick in my mind:

Married With Children - Aside from all the Shoe store scenes, there was one weird ep where Al was a detective trying to solve a mystery. He solved it by removing this beautiful blonde's shoe and dropping it in a fish tank. You have to see it understand. (Tan Nylons)

Moonlighting - I have a feeling there were several scenes in this show. One I remember was when Cybil Shepard lost her shoes in a fight on a train. (tan nylons)

News Radio - Matthew is driving around in a toy car, he bumps into a girl, her shoe flies off, he grabs it, and drives away. Unfortunately you never get to see her foot because when he returns it, she's wearing sneakers. (Tan Nylons)

In Living Color - One of my favorite scenes because it wasn't supposed to happen. I also loved the outfit she was wearing. A beautiful Brunette in a miniskirt, sheer black pantyhose, and brown pumps perfoms cpr on an unconscious Jim Carrey in a burger king. Carrey takes over from there and flips her over and starts making out with her in his normal wacky way. His roughness succeeds in knocking her shoes off (obviously wasn't supposed to happen). She never gets the chance to retrieve her shoes. She walks off stage in her stocking feet. In the sketch she was supposed to play a man in drag, but trust me, she was not a man in drag. There was another accidental scene in which the cute blonde girl on the show accidently kicked off her shoe in a karate sketch. It was great watching her quickly retrieve the shoe. (white socks)

Single Guy - The Single Guy gets the opportunity to remove a beatiful girls' boots as he sits across from her. It is quite a beautiful scene. (black stockings)

Home Improvement - A Similar Scene has Al removing a beautiful blonde girl's clog so that he can fix it. (black stockings)

SNL - There were several scenes over the years. One that sticks out is when a girl had to remove her shoes to remove her stockings in order to walk through a medal detector at an airport. (black stockings)

Cosby Show - I remember one scene wear Cliff removes his wife's shoe while sitting on the couch and tickles her. (Tan Nylons)

Seinfeld - While in a bakery, a man with a cain injures Elaines foot. She removes her shoe and nurses it for most of the rest of the episode. (black stockings)

Outer Limits (new series) - A beautiful black woman is kidnapped by aliens and she loses her shoes. There are several quick closeups of her stocking feet. (black nylons)

Into the Woods (Play) - Cinderella loses her shoes several times in this play. In the version I saw, she was in white nylons, running around in loose fitting golden slippers for most of the first act. The best part is, the bakers wife is chasing her to try and steel one of her shoes so that she can break a curse. Cinderella falls, and her shoes fly off. She quickly retrieves them. In another scene, the baker's wife succeeds in pulling off her shoes as cinderella is trying to run away. the wrestle for the shoe, and cinderella wins running off carrying both shoes. After losing one of her shoes on the steps of the palace. The Baker's Wife chases her down, and succeeds in steeling her shoe right off her foot. She feels bad, so removes her own shoes and throws to cinderella as she is running away (the baker's wife was wearing purple stockings). It is definitely a great play to see if you're into feet.

If you want, I'll post cartoon scenes that I remember.

: While we're being thorough:
: The Mask - Cameron Diaz's Shoes pop off when Jim Carrey kisses her. (Tan Nylons)

: Splitting Heirs - Catherine Zeta Jones kicks off her shoe and Eric Idle catches it. (Black nylons)

: Cutthroat Island - Geena Davis loses her shoes when she is dressed like a serving wench and flung over a balcony. She ends up fighting pirates in her stocking feet.(Red nylons)

: Earth Girls are Easy - Geena Davis loses her shoes again when she is brought up to the spaceship. Not too sure of this one though.(Sheer white socks)

: Beetlejuice - Again Geena Davis is seen in her stocking feet a few times in this movie, it's been awhile though, so I can't really give you too many details. (white nylons)

: The Fly - While we're on this Geena Davis kick, I remember someone meantioning a scene in this movie, not sure though.

: American Werewolf in Paris - Blonde Girl jumps off the Ifle Tower, a bunji jumper dives off to catch her, grabs her by the foot, but her shoe comes off, and she runs away. (Black nylons)

: Whispers in the Dark - A man breaks into this woman's house, chases her up the stairs, grabs her foot, but she escapes out of her shoe and runs into the attic. (Black Nylons)

: North to Alaska - Stewart Granger knocks off a girl's shoe and tickles her stocking foot so that she will laugh. (Black Stockings)

: A Farewell to Arms - Never saw it, but I heard there was a similar tickling scene in it.

: Marnie - someone meantioned that there is a scene where Marnie removes her shoes to sneak around in her stocking feet.

: I'd Rather Be Rich - Again, I never saw it, but I heard that every time the main girl is kissed she wiggles her stocking feet out of her shoes.

: Gidget Goes to Rome - Several scenes, all with tan nylons. In One, Gidget is grabbed forced onto a chair, and her shoes are removed, another involves Gidget being grabbed again, she kicks and thrashes, and her shoes fly off. Another involves an Italian girl who extends her foot to a man she just stepped, so that he can remove her sneaker (don't ask). Nice close-up of her stocking foot. It also helps that Gidget is very adorable, and the Italian girl is very hot.

: Cool World - Kim Basinger trips and walks out of her shoe. She stops to retrieve it, but just ends up leaving it there for the rest of the scene. Unfortunately, in the next scene, she has both her shoes again. (White Nylons)

: Pure Luck - Clumsy Blonde Girl steps in a crack in the sidewalk and falls, she has to unstrap her sandal and step out of it to free herself. (Could be bare or nude nylons)

: Hackers - Angelina Jolie swims around in a pool fully clothed, her pumps come off. (black stockings)

: Raiders of the Lost Ark - Indy's girl loses her shoes one by one in the snake room. (bare)

: Temple of Doom - Indy's girl in this one removes her sandles several times and is barefoot for most of the movie. (bare)

: Romancing the Stone - Kathleen Turner loses her shoes in the mudslide scene. (bare

: Stigmata
: Her shoes almost come off a few times. There is also a scene where she's walking around in unstrapped sandals, something that I enjoy seeing a lot. (Black Nylons)

: More later ...

: : Some of these are good, some brief but heres some memory jogging:
: : *Assassin - Plenty of opaque nylon foot scenes from Bridget Fonda
: : *Assassin/Nikita - the original french film as good as the remake
: : *Pulp Fiction - barefoot dance sequence from Uma Thurman
: : *Sense and Sensibility - White nylon foot by Kate Winslett when she does her ankle
: : *Pink Cadillac - Clint Eastwood Movie Lead Female chasing money barefoot on hot asphalt
: : *Independence Day (Brief) - Shot of First Lady's nylon foot as she lies injured
: : *Batman 2 (Brief) - Michelle Pfieffer arriving into her apartment after first cat attack
: : *Crocodile Dundee - Linda Kowslaski goes barefoot to catch that train in the last sequence
: : *OPM (Other Peoples money) - Lead female in brokerage works nylon footed
: : *American Graffitti (Harisson Ford/Richard Dreyfuss) Plenty of teen white socked feet in the dance shots
: : any movie set in the fifties with high school dances will have teen girls in white socks
: : *Scruples third tape - Pool side shots lead female uses tan hose to simulate perectly tanned legs, the #
: : toes give it away.
: : *Sister Act 1 or 2 not sure which - Whoopi Goldberg goes opaque nylon footed for a hopscotch shot
: : *Terminator 2(asylum sequence) John Connors mother is barefoot in the asylum and escape shots
: : *Ghostbusters (Refirgerator entry) - Opaque blue nylon from Sigourney Weaver as she is pulled into the fridge.
: : *The Temp - Lara Flynn Boyle does some filing nylon footed
: : *Speed (Brief Elevator) - 'Mary' from 'Third Rock' looses a shoe as she is pulled from the elevator. As you see her run
: : away with one nylon foot flying she can be heard wailing "My shoe"
: : *While you were sleeping (Brief) - Quick shot of Sandra Bullock in thick grey socks
: : *Adventures in Babysitting (Opening sequence) - Elizabeth 'Shue-less' in the opening scene dancing
: : round her bed in short skirt and black semi opaque nylon as she prepares for the date that never happens.

: : **Possibles - these I'm not sure of
: : *Grease - bedroom socks
: : *SWF - nylon / barefoot scenes
: : *Guilty As Sin - Rebecca de Mornay swinging over the balcony
: : *Mission - Loraine Bracco in an Amazon rain storm
: : *Dirty Dancing - Jennifer Grey : The river sequence
: : *Pretty Woman - Julia Roberts barefoot
: : *The Client - Gena Davis on an office step ladder
: : *Accidental Tourist? - Harrison Ford's female side kick walks out of her shoes after being shot
: : *Miracle of Flight 501? - Air hostess evac in nylons. Any movie with airline evacs
: : *Murder on Elm St? - Barefoot Teen swung about a room
: : *Aliens - Sigourney Weavers boot pulled off near the end

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