Dusty or Dirty Nylon Soles of Women without Shoes

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Posted by LuvStockingedFeet on September 14, 2003 at 18:35:48: IP Address

(I realize part of this topic was on a previous page -- couldn't post at that time.)

Just the THOUGHT -- much less the sight -- of a woman with shoes off, and wearing nylons with dusty or dirty soles, can be VERY exciting or arousing.

First of all is the sight itself and the circumstances or surroundings. By the time a woman's nyloned soles are dusty or dirty enough to notice, it usually means she has been walking around in her stockinged feet for quite awhile. And "walking around" is a whole lot different than sitting with her shoes discreetly off. The fact that this is usually at night spots, dress-up parties, wedding receptions and other such settings adds spice to things. It means that even a well-dressed woman is willing to go without her shoes and not be afraid to be seen by others. It's always more appealing to watch or be with a woman who ENJOYS not only taking her shoes off, but actually WALKING AROUND without them.

And, women in stockinged feet with dusty or dirty soles, who have also had a few drinks -- maybe even to the point of being a little bit tipsy -- have added excitement. Being dressed nicely and looking so pretty and sexy, mixed with being down to earth enough to walk around in stockinged feet that are a bit dirty on the bottom, is a rare treat. They're more apt to have fun and be fun. We just don't get that all the time. It's nice to see them relaxed and with their guard down a bit.

Even the matter of whether it really is "OK" that others can see a woman's dusty or dirty nylon soles can be interesting. For instance, when the TV talk-show "The Jane Whitney Show" was on every day, one of Jane Whitney's trademarks was to NEVER wear shoes. She was always VERY well dressed in a dress or suit, whether with skirt or pants, and always nylons. But she NEVER wore shoes. This was always openly shown by the cameras. Sometimes when she knelt down to talk to someone who was sitting, you could easily see that the bottoms of her feet were dark or dirty. So if that was OK for national television, why shouldn't women feel comfortable enough -- and free enough -- to let their slightly-dirty nylon soles be seen in a more private setting?

Finally, an example of why just the thought of this can be exciting. A woman I was in a relationship with some years ago was an elementary school teacher. She was called at the last minute to cover a position she had at a part-time job evenings. When I later caught up to her by phone, and heard about her being called at the last minute, she mentioned that when she got the call to come in that night, she told them she'd be right there "but first I have to wash my feet." Even I didn't know what she meant. It was because she had taken her shoes off after school -- and what was different about that was that she had walked up and down the halls a couple times, went to the office, etc. So, the bottoms of her feet were dirty. That thought drove me crazy. Just imagining her walking around like that to be looked at by anyone, and to think how I would have devoured that sight with my eyes -- and that she was so open she was in the halls -- AND did it long enough to get her feet dirty -- lit a raging fire. I tried to pass that on next time I saw her.

So -- I hope any women whose nylon soles are dusty or dirty will let them be seen. And please be sure to have a good time and enjoy yourselves in the process.

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