Stocking Feet in Public Places

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Posted by Mandie on September 06, 2003 at 16:12:41: IP Address

I am Mandie, and my husband enjoys this website considering he has a fetish for women in stocking feet. This would explain why he is always suggesting I take my shoes off in public, especially when I'm wearing nylons. This has a caused a few embarrasing moments, but I don't mind a few inquisitive eyes when I have the full attention of my special significant. I'm a petite, reasonably attractive, brunette with short hair sexy eyes. With my 5'4" height, I wear a size 9 shoe (big for my size but well taken care of). My feet are wide with a rather pronounced heel, ball joint and big toe. My long toenails, wide heels and high arches round out the picture. As strange as barefooting in hosiery might seem, I feel my sexiest when I am without my shoes in stockings. Perhaps, it has to do with the impropriety of the act; after all, stockings weren't exactly made to be worn without shoes. I would be very interested in talking to other ladies who share my enjoyment of going stocking footed in public places.

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