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Posted by Feeture Feature on June 19, 2002 at 20:39:43:

Here's list 5
Devil's Food - Suzane Somers bare feet, red toenails, on scale, poor quality

Other People's Money - Penelope Ann Miller stockinged feet at computer workstation, propped on desk and at Japanese restaurant

The Mexican - Julia Roberts bare feet hitting Brad Pitt's chest

Marnie - Tipi Hedren tiptoes in RHT stockings

Psycho - b/w, Janet Leigh corpse bare feet in shower

Silver Streak - Jill Clayburgh stockinged feet in train compartment

My Stepmother Is an Alien - Kim Basinger closeup putting on RT stocking

To Sleep with Anger - 2 black women sleeping with bare feet

Cavalier - Chinese woman shoe pulled off socked foot

It Started in Naples - Sophia Loren bare feet and stockinged feet

I Wanna Hold Your Hand - Nancy Allen stockinged feet on bed, shoe slipped off to retrieve ring inside

Desperately Seeking Susan - Madonna in white stockings and garters, another actress painting toenails

That Touch of Mink - Doris Day in RHT and bare foot with liquor bottle on big toe

Earth Girls Are Easy - Geena Davis in white stockings

Adventures in Babysitting - Elisabeth Shue dances in black stockings

The Babysitter's Seduction - Keri Russell pantyhosed legs and feet, bare feet closeups

Class - Jacqueline Bisset stockinged feet

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Sarah Jessica Parker dipping in knee socks

Kissing Miranda - Pantyhosed foot on guy's lap on sofa

Legal Eagles - Debra Winger one shoe on, one shoe off, lousy scene

Sunday in New York - Jane Fonda stockinged feet propped on train seat

Love with the Proper Stranger - Natalie Wood dipping, b/w

Firstborn - Teri Garr pantyhosed legs and feet on sofa

Love on the Run - Stephanie Zimbalist stockinged feet propped on desk

A Civil Action - Quick dipping in background as title freezes

Mr. Mom - Teri Garr in stockings on bed, poor quality

The Secret of My Success - Closeups of woman taking shoes off stockinged feet and crossing legs in back of limousine

Howard the Duck - Could be stockinged, dangling

Pink Cadillac - Bernadette Peters bare sole, runs on hot asphalt, one shoe on, one off

Sweet Revenge (1987) - Bare feet of women running to escape brothel

Malice - Nicole Kidman stockinged foot

The Fly (remake) - Geena Davis removes stocking

The Runner - Courteney Cox rubs foot in fishnets and guy talks about how beautiful her feet are, later on tape he does her toenails and kisses toes

Speechless - Geena Davis walks barefoot in fountain and talks feet, later on tape sits on stool in tights and slams bare sole againt sports car windshield

Titanic - Kate Winslet dances in black stockings

Martians Go Home - Pantyhose seduction scene on couch while Martians watch

The Temp - Lara Flynn Boyle in magenta stockings working late

Out-of-Towners (remake) - Goldie Hawn in brown stockings runs around hotel room

Oxford Blues - Rob Lowe rubs Amanada Pays stocking feet

Gremlins 2: The New Batch - Quick stockinged foot in crotch scene

National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 - Barefoot girl, sneakered boy and dog all play footsie with Charlie Sheen

Prom Night 3; The Last Kiss - Stockinged feet at prom in Hell

A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon - Various bare and stockinged feet

Cutthroat Island - Geena Davis fights in pink stockings

Pure Luck - Woman gets shoe stuck at airport entrance and steps out of it, lousy scene

Sense and Sensibility - Kate Winslet twists ankle and man takes off her shoe, later her stocking is removed

Three Days - Pantyhosed feet wiggle on bed

Gidget Goes to Rome - Sneaker removed from stockinged foot, shoes off in another scene

Come Blow Your Horn - Jill St. John wiggling RHT feet on bed

The Millionairess - Sophia Loren in black stockings

How to Marry a Millionaire - Marilyn Monroe in RHT stockings

The First Time - Susan Anspach with feet tucked up on sofa, could be nylons, Jennifer Jason Leigh bare feet

Splitting Heirs - Catherine Zeta Jones kicks off high heel to Eric Idle and then walks in stockinged feet onto bed

Bird on a Wire - Goldie Hawn bare feet

The Graduate - Anne Bancroft puts on RHT stockings

What Lies Beneath - Michelle Pfeiffer bare feet

Night Eyes 2 - Stockinged feet footsie under restaurant table

Cinderella - Cinderella's feet get flowers to form shoes around them, dirty bare feet of mountain lasses try on slipper for Prince Valiant

Boys on the Side - Doing toenails, feet waving from sun roof

Fast Times at Ridgemont High Jennifer Jason Leigh bare feet

The Lot - American Movie Classics short with RHT feet, toe sucking

Wedding in Blood - Beautiful bare foot rubbed against guy's face

Valmont - Baggy stockings closeup as shoes put on, stockinged foot on guy's waist after victory in mock swordfight

The Firm - Stockinged feet running, not very good

Face/Off - Joan Allen rubs stockinged foot

Turbulence - Shoeless foot closeup of flight attendant as she dies

Date with an Angel - Emmanuele Beart gets carried to car barefoot

Saratoga Trunk - Ingrid Bergman in white RHT stockings get foot rub from Gary Cooper

Thoroughly Modern Millie - Stockinged feet propped on bureau by kidnap victim, Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore kick off shoes to fight

9 1/2 Weeks - Kim Basinger barefoot and dark stockings

Barbarians at the Gate - Joanna Cassidy gets foot rub, boots get removed from fishnets and nylon soles get dirty running in street

Judicial Consent - Bonnie Bedelia gets shoe removed from black stockinged foot

National Lampoon's Vacation - Beverly D'Angelo bare feet

Sea of Love - Ellen Barkin takes off shoes to dance, lousy scene

Singles - Bridget Fonda in black pantyhose wiggling feet

Simply Irresistible - Stockinged footsie under restaurant table

Maid to Order - Ally Sheedy walks around town in blue stockings which get shredded

Road Trip - barefoot toe sucking

Weapons of Mass Distraction - Barefoot toe sucking

Johnny Be Good - Young Uma Thurman pinches guy's nose with toes

Internal Affairs - Closeup of Nancy Travis removing high heel

What Women Want - Helen Hunt feet propped on desk, likely stockinged

Nightscare - Leg crossing in black pantyhose, don't think shoes are on, hard to tell, barefoot toe sucking

Mac - Bare feet on guy's face

Enter The Dragon - Backwalking by bare feet

Little Man Tate - Jodie Foster taps boy's head with bare sole

Serpent's Lair - Bare feet on chest

Seduced - Cybill Shepherd's bare sole

Polish Wedding - Closeup as stockinged foot slips from sneaker to pump, later barefoot kissing

Overboard - Goldie Hawn stockinged and bare feet

Batman - Kim Basinger shoe removal

Batman Returns - Michelle Pfeiffer shoe removal

A Fish Called Wanda - Kevin Spacey sniffs Jamie Lee Curtis boots, intercut with woman removing stockings

Creature from the Black Lagoon - Julie Adams heel popping, probably bare foot

The Seduction of Joe Tynan - Great Meryl Streep stockinged feet

Hotel de Love - Guy eats grapes from bare soles of wife

Operation Petticoat - Nurses remove high heels on submarine deck, one doesn't and gets stuck and has to remove shoes

A Perfect Murder - Gwyneth Paltrow stockings, boot removal and closeup of sudsy bare feet in bath

9 to 5 - Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin shoeless, Fonda rubs foot, Tomlin kicks off shoes

Prom Night 4 - Closeup of stocking being put on, walking in wine cellar in stockinged feet, closeups

The Little Death - Woman pulls off shoes, walks on bed to rub white stockinged feet in guy's crotch

Dangerous Touch - Closeup as slingback falls from black stocking, stockinged feet wriggle during lovemaking.

The Sweeper - Bare feet placed in car driver's lap

Desperate Hours - Bare feet descend stairs

Keeping Track - Margot Kidder in dark stockings

Punchline - Sally Field puts on pantyhose in a hurry

Romy and Michele's Class Reunion - They dance barefoot

Terminator - Lousy scene of waitress stockinged feet propped on break room table

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